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Gang Handbook

This handbook serves as a guide for gang leaders and their members to understand the responsibilities and expectations of their gang in New Era. 

Establishing and maintaining a gang in the city is a commitment. Whether your gang is new to the city, or you've gone through the application process and are a part of our Gang & Territory system, we hope this guide gives you confidence to run your gang effectively here.

Establishing A Gang

Gangs are defined as any organized group of players that engage in illegal or hostile RP.  Gangs should develop a backstory that includes how they were founded and what their goals and mission are. They should also identify their turf or territory as a fundamental element of their existence.

New Era allows for both non-whitelisted and whitelisted gangs. Whitelisted gangs are groups recognized by the server as an official, established organization and will have access to our Gang & Territory system. Gangs that remain non-whitelisted may still attempt to hold turf and roleplay as a gang, however they will not be able to participate in activities surrounding the Gang & Territory system.

Any group of players interested in establishing a whitelisted gang should first apply through our Gang Application form (opening in August). Staff will review the application to determine if your proposal is a good fit for New Era. After review, the applying member will be contacted by staff through our ticket system to be notified of the verdict. 

Gang Behavior

Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the gameplay of other players. This includes targeting players over and over to initiate more hostile RP.

When hostile RP is initiated by one gang towards another, be aware it allows for engagement between ALL active members who are present at that location. Gang members arriving after hostilities have begun must properly integrate themselves into the RP scenario by initiating in a reasonable manner.

Gang violence must adhere to all server rules, including hostile initiation, NLR, and meta gaming. You should not be seeking altercations with rival gang members in unrealistic areas or public spaces. Keep gang wars and turf wars within their territories.

Gang Attire & Colors

In order for a player to represent a gang, they must have at least two items of the gang's color visible on their character. This can also include entire outfits, like mafia-style suits. Understand that colors cannot be the reason you kill someone unless the scene escalates to the point of disrespect and hostile RP or you consider this person as someone trying to impersonate your gang. You must give them the opportunity to change the color or item that you feel represents your gang.

Gang Sizes

Gangs can have a minimum of 6 players and maximum of 10 players (subject to change with population). Gangs are limited to a maximum of four active players participating in an illegal or hostile scenario. This includes the following:

  • Gang members participating in the RP scenario in any fashion such as providing information as a lookout or functioning as a getaway driver.

  • Gang members seeking to rescue other gang members who are being detained. The detained members count towards the maximum of 4. Upon being freed, they are expected to flee the scene and not take part in hostilities.

  • Gangs should not ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size. This includes not only illegal and hostile activities but also relaying information for an active scenario.

  • Gang size can only be more than 4 in a scenario where each gang has agreed to using all members in gang war or when defending turf.

Example: 4 people from one gang attack the turf of another; anyone present at that time can defend their territory.

Gang and Turf Wars

This section is subject to change with the introduction of our custom Gang & Territories system. More details will be added in the coming weeks.


The territories in our Gang & Territories system are based off of GTA lore, so keep that in mind as you define your turf. Gangs will be able to secure a home turf, as well as a limited number of optional territories that will require effort and coordination to maintain. 


When hostilities reach a peak, rival gangs may enter into war. Here are a few guidelines for Gang War:

  • Wars must have a purpose and should be declared after a proper build-up of hostilities. Enemy gangs should have several scenarios of hostile roleplay leading up to the point of gang war.

  • Active members initiating and participating in gang wars must be in gang clothing and be easily identifiable as part of the gang.

Playing Multiple Gang Characters

As most average role players struggle to effectively separate their characters well enough to fulfill multiple gang positions, this is not permitted unless an exception has approved by staff. Players also may not play a single character who is a member of multiple gangs. 

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