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Roleplay Rules


New Era aims to provide a quality, immersive roleplay experience for our players. We ask that you put thought and effort into your roleplay by developing a character with a slow-burn storyline in mind.

We encourage veterans of FiveM and roleplay to lead by example and offer assistance or advice if asked. 


  • Create a well-thought-out character. Quality characters possess a balance of strengths, weaknesses, and distinct personality traits that shape their interactions with others and the world around them. It’s important to avoid creating characters who excel in every aspect or possess all skills. Instead, consider their limitations and areas where they may struggle. Aim to align your character’s choices, such as jobs, vehicles, and houses, with their backstory and personality.

  • Maintain character at ALL TIMES while in the city. Going out-of-character (OOC) is prohibited. You should be actively roleplaying not only while in a scene, but also in passive roleplay, when speaking in radio channels, while using “/me” commands, and when sending text messages. 

  • Disguise key binds and commands with clever wording or city-appropriate lingo. Refrain from using “/me” chat to show someone how to type a command.

  • Remove yourself from scenes in an appropriate way when going AFK. Use creativity to mask that you are away from your computer to give other players around you the best immersion possible. Avoid saying "I'm going in my head."

  • Do not reference player counts, streams, server rules, tickets, or staff members while in the city.  Do not refer to staff as "the government", "gods", or any other name variation - staff does not exist to your character. Avoid phrases like “Go Pro” or “body cams” unless you are a part of PD.

  • Avoid letting rule breaks, bugs, or the functionality of a script become the main topic of conversation in your scene. Issues may arise while you're in city, but try to steer scenes away from any situation that could break immersion for those around you. 

  •  Respect your fellow players in and out of the city. Remember that we’re all here to have fun and grow our characters’ stories through great roleplay. Maintain a mental separation between the player and the character they’re playing.

  • Help New Era maintain a safe environment for everyone. Hate speech, discrimination, and racial slurs will not be tolerated.


This section contains a high-level overview of the standard roleplay rules that every player should know. THIS IS NOT A DEFINITIVE LIST and does not encompass all of our rules. Players are expected to educate themselves on our full list of roleplay rules which can be found lower on this page.  

Read more about each rule by clicking its associated link:


  • No MetagamingPlayers should never use out-of-character knowledge in order to influence their character's decisions. 

  • No Powergaming: Players should never perform actions that are unrealistic, outside the scope of the character's abilities, or give the player advantages over others in order to control a narrative. 

  • Value Your Life:  Your character should react realistically when faced with a threat and must fear for their life in dangerous or hostile situations at ALL times. This is critically important for the server culture - entire storylines can be destroyed from failing this rule.

  • No VDM or RDM: Players must always have a buildup and motive to engage in hostile roleplay with others. You should never attack or kill another player with a weapon or vehicle without valid reason.

  • No Combat Logging: Never disconnect from the server or be revived at Pillbox in the middle of a scene to avoid interaction and/or consequences. If you lose connection during a scene for any reason, please let staff know and rejoin ASAP. 

  • No Erotic RP, Suicide RP, or Extremely Offensive RP: Although New Era is an 18+ server, these topics are prohibited. 

  • No Punishment RP: Do not punish others in roleplay for what you deem is a rule break. Open a ticket and move forward with the scene to the best of your ability. 


You should not commit robberies or heists within 30 minutes of a server restart.

  • Robberies & heists are limited to 4 players

  • You must drive realistically during chases

  • Although your characters might not get along, please be respectful of your fellow players during hostile interactions

  • You should not bait the police or other players to take them hostage

  • On-duty EMS cannot be used as a hostage. On-duty officers may be taken hostage as long they are not the sole officer on duty and there is proper roleplay buildup. 

Fail Roleplay

Definition: Using information that your character did not find out in the city to enhance your character or give your character an advantage in roleplay.




Metagaming typically occurs when a player decides to utilize information that they have gathered from streams, chats, conversations with friends outside of the city, or on the New Era discord to influence their character’s storyline, providing an unfair advantage to themselves or others in roleplay.


  • Messaging a Discord friend for an in-game rescue, despite their character’s lack of knowledge about the situation.

  • Gaining information about the police through a stream to avoid getting caught.

  • Using outside knowledge of a secret location or NPC to advance your character without discovery through roleplay.

  • Using OOC knowledge about a storyline your character is involved in to alter the outcome of that story, particularly when trying to avoid negative consequences.


Definition: Utilizing or exploiting game mechanics to either gain an unfair advantage over another player or achieve a goal that is unrealistic or goes beyond your character’s physical abilities.

Powergaming, whether intentional or performed without malice, can be extremely detrimental to the health of the server.


  • Garaging your vehicle or retrieving a vehicle from your garage during a police chase.

  • Impounding a player’s vehicle as a police officer while mechanics are on duty.

  • Jumping from unrealistic heights while wearing roller skates.

  • Using /me commands to force a situation into your character's favor. 

Not Valuing Life (NVL)

Definition: In roleplay, any action the player makes that disregards the value of their character’s life, or engaging in risky or unrealistic actions without considering the consequences.

In various RP scenarios, including hostile roleplay, valuing your life is crucial. Regardless of your character’s attributes, occupation, or gang affiliation, it is important to prioritize self-preservation when facing potential threats. Recognize that self-preservation is a natural instinct and should guide decisions that may endanger your character’s well-being or result in their demise.

High Risk Gameplay

Players should not perform actions which would pose a significant threat to the player’s life in situations where one would not realistically perform that action.



  • Extreme jumps off of mountains, buildings, bridges and other structures with your vehicle

  • Running into oncoming traffic

  • Intentionally crashing into buildings or other cars at high rates of speed

  • Riding on top of moving vehicles, etc. 


Hostile Roleplay Scenarios

In any hostile scenario, you should value your life and make reasonable attempts to preserve it by weighing the risks and rewards of your actions. Keep in mind that you should react realistically to being threatened. When you are held at gunpoint and told to put your hands up, you may not radio for backup or walk away – you must comply.

Remember that your reaction to hostile RP directly impacts the aggressor’s storyline. Great roleplay doesn’t mean you always have to “win” a scenario – amazing scenes can come from complying with the aggressor’s demands. 


  • Drawing a gun when a gun is already pointed at you

  • Failing to play the part of a hostage

  • Not caring if you live or die

Combat Logging

Definition: An attempt to avoid the outcome of a scenario or action by disconnecting from the server or using the respawn mechanic to escape an RP scene.

While you are engaged in active roleplay, including hostile roleplay or any scene with the police, you may NOT disconnect until the scenario is concluded and you are clear of any police interactions.

Combat logging is an immediately bannable offense. If you cannot reconnect for any reason, open a ticket with the staff team as quickly as possible to notify them of the situation. 

If you recognize that you are struggling to distinguish between in-game events and your real emotions, consider taking a break from the city after the scene has concluded. To address any concerns about Fail RP, open a ticket on our Discord for staff assistance.


The following rules protect our community from toxic or trolling behavior. Players found to be guilty of any of the below offenses will face disciplinary action.

Random Death Match (RDM)

Definition: Killing another player without any valid reason or roleplay events leading up to it.

Any killing of a player MUST have roleplay built up behind it, whether it’s taking hostages and holding people for ransom or robbing people. Utilize things that happen to your character to start building your storyline and relationships with people in the city.

If the story escalates to murder, keep in mind that killing someone ends roleplay for everyone in that moment. Drag it out as it’s more fun that way for everyone.

Vehicular Death Match (VDM)

Definition: Using a vehicle as a weapon to either kill or incapacitate another player.

Intentionally using a vehicle to harm or kill another player is strictly prohibited. Such actions should never be taken. In the event of an accidental collision, roleplay the situation realistically by contacting emergency services. This allows both players involved to develop a storyline and explore the aftermath of the accident in a meaningful way.

Punishing Others Through Roleplay

Definition: Using a vehicle as a weapon to either kill or incapacitate another player.

Players may not, under any circumstances, punish other players in roleplay for what they deem is a server rule break. Two wrongs do not make a right.  If you feel a player has broken a server rule, including fail roleplay, please remove yourself from the scene or roleplay it out to the best of your ability and then open a ticket. Staff will handle any rule breaks outside of the city.  


Definition: Engaging in behavior or utilizing game mechanics to intentionally lure police to initiate a hostile roleplay interaction.

Baiting is most often seen in a criminal vs. cop situation where a criminal player purposely commits crime in the proximity of officers to initiate a chase or arrest without a valid roleplay reason.

Any player found guilty of baiting will be subject to disciplinary action.

Interrupting On-Going Roleplay

Do not interrupt others’ RP, especially when emergency services are on scene. If you are not directly involved in the scene, you should not involve yourself in any way. Stand back and view the scene as a bystander. Be respectful of what the EMS or PD ask of you and let them have their roleplay. 

Ocean Dumping

Ocean dumping or any equivalent action taken to prevent a character from remembering a hostile scene should be done VERY sparingly and is almost always frowned upon without proper buildup. This tactic heavily diminishes the roleplay experience (and ultimately, the fun) for the victim as they are forced to respect the New Life Rule rule. Players found to be commonly using this tactic will be subject to disciplinary action. 

Offensive Roleplay

Extremely offensive RP is prohibited. Roleplay involving rape, cruelty to animals, and terrorism will not be tolerated. Religious RP is tolerated so long as you’re not making offensive religious statements, demands, or slandering.

⚠️Trigger warning: Content in this section discusses sexual harassment and suicide as it pertains to roleplay.

Offensive Remarks

GTA V is an 18+ game. Players will be exposed to adult themes, derogatory remarks, sexism and profanity due to the game’s design.  You should expect to hear offensive statements made towards or about your character WITHIN REASON, especially if you are roleplaying as a female.


If you feel as though a situation is taking a darker turn or the offensive remarks are becoming excessive and/or are directed to you OOC, please reach out to staff.

Racial slurs or hate speech between players will NEVER be tolerated. 

Sexual Harassment

The New Era staff team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels safe within our community, especially those who have been victim to sexual harassment or assault. We will not tolerate ANY forms of sexual harassment in our city.

If consent is NOT given, DO NOT RP it.

If for any reason a player decides to force offensive & sexually charged roleplay on you, you have a right to deny that RP, remove yourself from that scene, and report it to the staff. 


  • Persistent unwelcome advances

  • Sexual requests or demands

  • Stalking

  • Acting out the discharge of bodily fluids

  • Necrophilia

Erotic Roleplay (ERP)

Definition: Any explicit roleplaying activity involving one or more players for the purpose of engaging in sexual behavior or simulating sex.

ERP is not permitted in New Era. You may not use in-game voice communications, phone apps, emotes, "/me" commands, "/scene" text, or character emotes to engage in sexually explicit roleplay. If you are not sure if something is considered sexually explicit, open a ticket with staff. 

Please be aware there is no expectation of privacy in our server or on FiveM. All /me commands, /scene text, emotes, etc. are logged and monitored daily. 


While we are aware that this is an 18+ server, we feel compelled to protect the members of our community who may not be comfortable with this type of roleplay as well as the streamers who call New Era home. 

Torture RP

Acts of dismemberment, mutilation, and other cruel and unusual punishment in roleplay should never be forced upon another character without offering them an opportunity to de-escalate the scenario or change the outcome. If for any reason you are feeling uncomfortable with an interrogation or torture scene, it is within your right to deny consent. It is the responsibility of all parties to engage a scene that is meaningful and impactful while also concluding in a way everyone is comfortable with.

Self Harm & Suicide Roleplay

Out of respect for those in our community impacted by this topic, acting out events that would lead to your character’s self-inflicted, intentional death is strictly prohibited. 

Many people have been deeply affected by suicide. Please be mindful of this when using dark humor or when planning out scenes that could result in self-harm (like drinking too much, overdosing, etc). Be a kind human.

Downed States & New Life Rule

In New Era, there are two “downed” or injured states.


In the first state, your character is still conscious and in pain, rolling around and able to crawl but not stand. Players will be able to call 911 for assistance during this state and can speak to those around them.


The second state is considered more critical; your screen will go grayscale and your character will lay flat on their back with no movement. Characters should be considered unresponsive/unconscious in the second downed state and will be unable to speak. Players should use "/me" text to roleplay out any injuries. In most situations, the second downed state occurs either when the timer on the first downed state expires, or when the character is forced into the second downed state by another player during a hostile interaction.

In most situations where players either sustain extensive injuries in roleplay or choose to take local EMS (often referred to in other servers as "taking the light"), it is generally expected that they should retain little memory of the events leading up to their injuries. This is referred to as the New Life Rule. After reviving under these circumstances, the New Life Rule prevents you from returning to the scene in which you were downed until that scenario is concluded. You may utilize texts, social media apps, and word of mouth in order to build back some memory of previous RP, but you may not retaliate without properly investigating what happened to your character.


The New Life Rule exists to protect against players from returning to scenes that have not yet concluded, which can create never-ending cycles of violence brought on by revenge hostilities. Its purpose is not to limit or restrict your roleplay. If you need clarification on this rule as it pertains to a specific situation, please feel free to open a ticket with the staff team. 

EMS & Medical Roleplay

Medical Custody

When you are treated by EMS you are in medical custody and are not subject to the New Life Rule. Players should RP out any injuries obtained in game and your character’s actions should take these injuries into consideration upon being revived. This includes any injuries recently addressed at the hospital. 

Roleplaying With Medical Staff

While medical staff are on duty, players should always choose to dial 911 and/or interact with medical staff over reviving at Pillbox via local EMS or through nurse Nancy (the NPC at the front desk of the hospital). Refusing to interact with medical staff is frowned upon and is a reportable offense, especially if it is a recurring issue for the player.

PAIN SCALE: The Pain Scale is an in-character way to communicate with EMS how involved you want your medical scene to be. All EMS are trained to ask a patient to rate their pain on a scale of 1 to 5. Players who are on a time crunch or do not wish to have a long medical scene should indicate a low level of pain; a pain rating of 4 or 5 means the player is consenting to an in-depth medical scene with EMS. 


Upon your character's "death" during active RP, your character does not actually die unless you decide to kill off your character. In the event you wish to permanently kill your character, you can use /me text to communicate your intentions with medical personnel. Using "/me no pulse" 3 times in a row during the scene will indicate to EMS that you wish to perma your character.

Separation of Character

A crucially important distinction to keep in mind is the difference between Out Of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC). OOC and IC knowledge, motivations and emotions must be kept separate at all times. This can be understood easily by thinking of yourself as an actor. You are not your character. Like an actor, you will not always share the same motivations, emotions, skills or life as your character.

Playing Multiple Characters

The purpose of playing multiple characters is to create unique stories and experience the city in a different way. If you choose to play multiple characters in New Era, please keep the following in mind:

  • Under no circumstances are you to ever cross the information you learn on one of your characters to another. 

  • You should never refer to another one of your characters as a "cousin" or any other variation.

  • You are prohibited from creating characters in rival gangs unless approved by staff. 

  • Your characters' storylines cannot cross.

  • You should never create a character that is related to another one of your characters unless approved by staff.

If you are unsure whether your story breaks this rule, please ask the staff. That’s what we are here for.

Playing Characters on Different Sides of the Law

Players who wish to have multiple characters that span PD, DOJ, and criminal/gang life must be approved by staff. This is to protect our quality roleplay standards and the storylines you create. Please open a ticket with us before proceeding! We accept most requests, however you might be denied if you have a history of rule breaks or struggle to separate yourself from your character. 

We've developed a set of expectations for players who want to make different characters to experience both sides of the law in New Era: 

  • Under no circumstances are you to ever cross the knowledge you've gained from one side of the law to the other between characters.

  • Your PD or DOJ character cannot play a significant role in any investigations against your criminal character, or a case or crime group you are affiliated with.

  • Your PD or DOJ character cannot be used to retaliate against a group you have beef with on your criminal character. This includes territory camping and targeting. 

  • You cannot expect your criminal character to receive special treatment from the police simply because you have a PD or DOJ character. 

If you are approved to have both a criminal and PD/DOJ character in New Era, you are expected to maintain separation of character at all times. Any player found to be abusing this privilege by meta-ing information from one character to another or manipulating systems in order to gain an advantage will be subject to disciplinary action.

In-Character Romances

Romantic relationships in roleplay have the capability to add depth and story development for legally consenting adults who choose to pursue them. However, it is important to recognize that an in-character relationship does not transfer to OOC unless both parties are in mutual agreement. If a player begins to feel uncomfortable after establishing IC and OOC boundaries in their romantic RP, please report the issue. New Era will take action to protect our players while in our city or the discord. 

Please remember that Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is prohibited. See ERP section.

Criminal Roleplay

Player Limit in Scenes

A maximum of 4 people are allowed to engage in any single robbery or heist scene. This includes any members on the scene plus any backup (excluding hostages). 


Criminals are expected to build their storyline when planning out robberies or heists. There should be a motive, build up, strategizing and prepping involved before stepping foot into a robbery scene. Every criminal action you take should be a part of a bigger plan to help progress your character or group along their story arc. 

Realistic Driving & Chases

All players are expected to operate vehicles realistically during chases. While game mechanics might allow your vehicle to sustain heavy damage from crashes, rolls, jumps, etc, that doesn’t always mean you should keep going. Using highway shortcuts and jumps, especially those on overpasses, is frowned upon and should be done very sparingly. If you do use them, you are expected to react as if your vehicle sustained damage. 

Using Aircraft in Crime

Using an aircraft as a getaway vehicle in a robbery is acceptable so long as it’s parked outside of city limits and the person flying the aircraft is one of the 4 original heist members. Aircrafts are not to be landed in city limits unless on a landing pad.

Using Bodies of Water in Crime

Using water as an escape route is permitted within reason. You should use a water vehicle anytime you intend to run from police in the water whether it be player owned or found naturally in the world. Swimming for long periods of time can be considered powergaming if you do not return to shore as it is unfair for other players and does not promote good roleplay.

Theft of Emergency Vehicles

You may steal emergency vehicles including police cruisers, ambulances, or helicopters under proper circumstances if the roleplay calls for it. If Emergency Services are on a scene, you may not interrupt the ongoing roleplay as a third-party observer in order to steal a vehicle that would otherwise be attended to. However, if you are involved in that scene and roleplay it out, emergency vehicles are fair game.

Kidnapping & Taking Hostages

Hostages should be found naturally through RP and should not be baited. Staged hostages or using friends as hostages is not allowed. You must consider that your hostage may have to take a bullet if the scene leads to that. Hostages are to play the role of a hostage and comply with demands. They cannot be one of the 4 members of the original heist.

It is completely possible to RP out a robbery scene and get into a chase with no hostages, but this is solely at the officer’s discretion.

Medical Staff As Hostages

EMS cannot be taken hostage or robbed at any time while on duty. Off-duty EMS are subject to hostile roleplay like everyone else.  

High Priority Hostages (Police & Government Officials)

High priority roles such as on-duty police officers and government officials should not be taken hostage except under specific circumstances. Players can use in-game mechanics to determine when it is appropriate to take a high priority hostage. Kidnapping any character labeled as "high priority" should only be done if there is a build-up and a valid reason to do so, i.e. for a robbery or to advance a storyline.


Kidnapping an on-duty police officer with the sole intent of stealing inventory items is not allowed.

Revenge Hostilities

There should be a valid reason within RP to participate in revenge hostilities to avoid an endless cycle of violence between parties. Let each party have a cool down period at some point to ease the tension or resolve the issues. Stories can drag out for long periods of time but use common sense to know when it's becoming a toxic situation and find a way to resolve it before staff has to get involved.

Criminal & Police Dynamic

Police should value the lives of criminals and of any civilian (including locals) directly impacted by the choices of the criminal, like hostages.

In the event of a hostile scene between a police officer and a criminal, police officers are trained to match force with force and are within their right to react in the manner they see fit, either through compliance or by fighting for their life.


Criminals should build up to extreme hostility towards the police through roleplay. Use of lethal force by either party should be used only as a last resort. 

ALL PLAYERS should consider murder a heinous crime.

Interactions Between Criminals & PD

All players are expected to treat each other with respect during hostile scenes, regardless of their role in the city. It is likely that your characters will not like each other simply because of the different paths they've chosen, or you will sometimes disagree with the other side's actions, the sentencing/fines being issued, or even the quality of roleplay you are experiencing. However, you must navigate the scene to a conclusion with the other party, regardless of the situation


Remember that we're all here to have fun and play grownup make-believe for a little while each day. Don't ruin it for everyone by having a W-mentality or forgetting that we're all human. 

Clear Use of Force 

Our server's use of force is based on real life techniques. Most law enforcement agencies have policies that guide their use of force. These policies describe an escalating series of actions an officer may take to resolve a situation. This is called the use of force continuum. Generally it has many levels, and officers are instructed to respond with a level of force appropriate to the situation at hand, acknowledging that the officer may move from one part of the continuum to another in a matter of seconds.

Officer's have strict protocol for response numbers that has been set by the Chief of Police and approved by City Hall. This level of force will be proportionate to the circumstances of each individual scene.

Officers will also typically match weapon force. Remember
an officer will always try to assess the level of a threat and may respond in equal to or greater than in force. 

Brandishing Weapons

The ultimate goal of a police officer in roleplay is to protect human life.

If you have pointed a gun, hit someone with a car (player/NPC) or committed aggressive acts you can be fired upon.

This means if players are recklessly hitting locals, hitting public property, and a ton of other vehicles, Police will get more aggressive.

If you point a gun at a police officer or another person you have initiated a hostile scene and police may shoot you.

The moment you fire a weapon at or in the vicinity of an officer or another civilian you may be shot by police.

Police are expected to communicate and de-escalate when possible but they are within their rights to shoot you.

Remember New Era emphasizes the importance of escalating
hostilities or engaging in meaningful roleplay interactions before resorting to violence. As officers, they have a responsibility to contribute to this environment by adhering to those same principles.

The use of lethal force should always be considered as a last resort, however this may vary from officer to officer. These are the typical guidelines which New Era abides by.


Chases and Pursuits

Police are allowed to pit vehicles, they typically do so when instructed to and they try to avoid endangering civilian life. They are encouraged to pit outside of city limits. It's important for them to be mindful and make a genuine effort to avoid excessive ramming as a tactic.

Players can expect moments where officers will unintentionally collide with other players in the heat of the chase; this is not ramming. Especially when the driver of the suspect's vehicle makes abrupt changes such as aggressively crossing lanes of travel.

1-2 bumps in a few second intervals does not constitute ramming on their own. However, if there are 3, 4, or 5 bumps within a 10-second timeframe, it may be considered ramming. Each report of ramming will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Ramming is an intentional action, not accidental.

  • The use of multiple vehicles to pit is not permitted and will be considered ramming.

  • Police may let you sit and repair or refuel your vehicle in the middle of a chase but it is not required.

  • Police will block narrow corridors and obstruct you from going forward; they will set up roadblocks to slow you down. 

Heists and Robberies

Police officers play a major supporting role for civilian/criminal roleplay. They are necessary to keep our ecosystem alive. If you’re involved in a heist or a robbery in New Era, it's your responsibility to let the police know about any ongoing interactions or events that develop during the scene!

Remember, the police are there to respond to the scenario that you’ve
created. It's crucial to provide officers with information that could enable them to better support your scene. They can adjust their actions to fit your narrative and create a more satisfying experience for everyone.

Only 4 criminals allowed on scene per robbery or heist unless specified differently by our staff team! This includes anyone working on the outside of the scene. (getaway driver, backup etc)

If you plan to have original heist members working on the outside, it's your group's responsibility to inform the officers of this in your scene. Failing to notify the police of potential members on the outside is considered an ambush. (you don’t have to be super specific it just needs to be apart of your roleplay)

In major shootouts like the yacht heist or gang wars police will try to wait for all firing to stop or minimize before moving into a scene. These are considered hostile scenes and typically will be met with lethal force.

Hostages and Leverage

Officers are required to value the life of the hostage.

  • If you do not have a hostage you are not guaranteed a chase but typically officers will go along with your scenes as long as you are providing creative storylines!

  • If you put your gun down or remove it from a hostage you can risk losing your leverage.

  • Police may request proof of life during negotiations in hostage situations. Without proof, officers may assume the hostage's safety is at risk, potentially leading to a use of lethal force

Detainment and Arrest 

Players can be detained for a variety of reasons, typically its probable cause, they may do so for their own safety, if they think you have committed a crime, or are found around the scene of a crime. They are within their rights to question you or even cuff you.

Officers can still arrest you even if they have not read you your Miranda rights, any questioning that took place is stricken from the record and can not be used in a court of law.

You wouldn’t be able to be a criminal without someone to enforce the law. Remember that there is a player on the other side of the computer screen

Police officers are just doing their job in a roleplay scenario, so please don't hold it against them.

Dynamic Characters

A dynamic character is defined as a character who undergoes a significant change to their personality, motives, or morals over the course of their character's arc. 


If you would like to create a character that rides the moral line of breaking their role, like a:

  • a dirty cop

  • a serial killer

  • a corrupt lawyer or judge

...please contact the staff team. We welcome these types of characters in most situations UNLESS there are already too many dynamic characters in the server. Please note these characters must have a well-defined story arc WITH A CONCLUSION to be considered. 


For rules regarding gangs, please see our Gang Handbook

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