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Server Policies


  • You must be 18 years of age or older to apply

  • You are expected to remain informed of any rule changes we make to our website or the Discord

  • No racism, sexism, trolling, homophobia, discrimination, or general toxicity to other players both in and out of roleplay

  • Treat everyone in our community with respect


  • You must have a functioning, clear microphone set to "Push To Talk"

  • Voice changers should be used sparingly; voice changers must be high quality when utilized

  • Communicate in English only unless the roleplay demands it; refusal to communicate in English in order to avoid roleplaying a scene will result in a ban

  • Outside communications (i.e. Discord calls) are strictly prohibited while in the city; please utilize the in-game communication tools provided like phones or radios

  • Keep “/me” within RP at all times; this feature should not be utilized for OOC communications and is intended solely to enhance roleplay - all "/me"s are logged


​New Era is a WHITELISTED community. Our whitelist application can be found here. You must be a member of our Discord to receive your whitelist role or denial of application. Please make sure your DMs are open as our bot will DM you if you are denied. If we cannot reach you, we will archive your application and move on. 

We approve applications based on a variety of factors, including: the way you respond to questions, the type of character you wish to play, the level of detail you provide about your character, any stream clips viewable on your linked social channels, the way you conduct yourself in stream chats and the FiveM community, and any references we receive from other players or communities.


New Era has the right to deny your application for ANY REASON at any time, especially if we receive bad character references from other communities, including reports of cheating/exploiting or toxicity. If you are denied, your denial message will typically encourage you to reapply after revising your application. Some denials do not come with a chance to reapply or appeal. This is to protect our server from toxicity. When you apply to our server, you are agreeing to uphold the rules of the server and understand the responsibilities you have as a player and member of our community.


Upon becoming whitelisted, you will enter a 30-day probationary period. During this time, you will be expected to follow all server rules, roleplay rules, and community policies while providing positive roleplay experiences in the city for those around you.


Any failure to conduct yourself appropriately during this probationary period may result in the removal of your whitelist privileges and, if necessary, removal from the Discord server. We reserve the right to remove your role at any time for any reason.


We firmly believe that two wrongs do not make a right. Retaliating or “punishing” other players in roleplay for their rule violations is not tolerated and can result in disciplinary action. Please follow the process outlined below and allow the staff team to handle grievances.

At New Era, we value open communication and believe that addressing issues, answering questions, and reporting rule violations is crucial to maintaining a thriving community. Our ticket system operates through our community Discord and offers a private space for you to submit your concerns.

When you encounter an issue or need to report a rule break, we strongly encourage you to open a ticket. We understand the sensitivity and potential stress involved in reporting an issue, and our staff team adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality. Be sure to select the Player Grievances & Confidential Reporting ticket type for a direct line to our Admin & Moderation team.

When opening a ticket, please include a description of the incident as well as essential details such as:

  • Your Steam name & Character name

  • Player/character names of others involved

  • Time & date the incident occurred

  • Any screenshots, screen recordings, or stream clips to support your claim

Ticket response times may vary depending on the severity of the issue. Please allow for up to a week for your report to be processed, although we strive to resolve most situations within 48 hours. In cases requiring further investigation, our staff will communicate additional steps with you. For more complex player issues, please refer to our “Investigation Process” section below.


Rule breaks are addressed on a case-by-case basis, with thorough investigations conducted by the admin team. This includes gathering evidence from observations, server logs, player reports, and interviews with involved parties.

Our goal when handling a player issue is to maintain a positive server culture and provide a safe environment for all players. Action may be delayed in some cases, but rest assured that complaints are acknowledged and punishments are issued discreetly. Players involved in reported situations will receive notifications and updates on the resolution. We do not publicize player punishment or bans.


​If you are being harassed by another player from our community, either through DMs on Discord or in stream chats, we ask that you take the appropriate steps to block that person from communicating with you, report their account to Discord, and then report the situation to the staff team.

Harassment is an immediately bannable offense. When reporting harassment, please provide evidence of the offense(s) in your ticket so we can act as swiftly as possible. Players should feel confident in knowing that all harassment claims are investigated thoroughly and kept 100% confidential.

Please be aware that staff’s reach is only as far as the server and the community discord. It is the responsibility of the individual experiencing the harassment to block communication with that person on other platforms, such as Discord, Twitch, Kick, and/or social media accounts. 

Helpful Links:



To maintain a healthy environment, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards disruptive behavior that undermines the server rules and the well-being of our community members. Any player who engages in actions such as trolling, hacking, bullying/harassment, or discrimination, whether in the city or in our Discord, will face immediate and permanent banning without exceptions.

We understand that not everyone is an experienced veteran of FiveM and GTA roleplay. Even seasoned role-players can sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the rulebook.

New Era's philosophy is education over punishment. We have implemented a dynamic disciplinary policy that escalates based on the severity of rule violations. Each case is unique, and consequences are tailored to the offense with all ban decisions determined by majority staff vote. 

Our admins and mods handle all disciplinary issues. If you are found to have broken a rule, you will be notified via Discord utilizing our ticket system.

All staff decisions are final. Bans cannot be appealed, and permanent bans are irreversible. It is important to note that any form of disciplinary action is handled by staff outside of the city.


We do not publicize bans and any disciplinary action we take should not be discussed in public channels within our Discord.


New Era utilizes several admin tools for Discord and FiveM to help keep our community safe from malicious activity. If any of your accounts are flagged for suspicious activity, your account may be automatically banned without warning. 

Anything that occurs with your Discord or Steam account, as well as your Rockstar License, is your responsibility. We will not provide support for issues related to:

  • Duplicate Rockstar Licenses/Pirated Software

  • Third-Party mod packs

  • Your Discord account

  • Warden Bot actions

Should you lose access to any of your accounts, please note that we will not transfer your characters or other in-city assets to a different license or account unless you have previously provided your CFX username with us during the application process.


We strive to provide a bug-free server environment for our players, however glitches still sometimes occur.  The reimbursement of items and/or currency lost due to an in-game glitch or bug will be considered in the following situations: 

  • The bug/glitch is easily traceable in our server logs

  • The bug or glitch is not something that could be avoided

  • The player has valid evidence that the glitch occurred

  • The loss was significant enough to negatively impact the story arc of a character


Reimbursement is never guaranteed, nor should it be expected. Reimbursement will not be considered in the following situations:

  • The loss of items due to a player's negligence or character's death

  • The loss of items or money due to repeatedly "testing" a script or bug

  • Items stored in unowned vehicles or stashes


The transfer of owned items, property, or currency to another player must be handled explicitly through roleplay utilizing the tools available in the server. We will not manually transfer the ownership of a vehicle, house, business, or item to another player under any circumstance. 

The transfer of items or currency from one character to another on the same account is strictly prohibited. Players found to be using stashes, shared bank accounts, or other players to assist in the transfer of these items will face disciplinary action.

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